Cirque Alfonse presents “Timber!”

Acrobatic Lumberjacks Juggling Hatchets!

  • Saturday, March 14, 2015 @ 8:00 PM

Cirque Alfonse is a young circus company from Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez in the province of Quebec, established in 2005, comprised of a team of professional acrobats. This brave and creative group of young performers is blazing a creative path that no one has yet dared to explore, blending the arts and techniques of the circus and infusing them with the most picturesque facets of traditional Quebec folklore.  You can almost smell the fresh-cut pine logs and the sweat of lumberjacks as you watch them jiving to a traditional folk soundtrack. Timber! is clearly off the beaten track. The show’s creators designed unusual acrobatic apparatus inspired directly from the forestry resources available on their real-life family farm. The experience feels and smells authentic. The artists perform incredible feats of aerial acrobatics that are directly inspired by the natural raw materials of the forest and the equipment used on the farm. The atmosphere is hyper-festive. The talented acrobats and musicians create a colorful, energetic scene where we can witness epic feats of agility and strength, inspired by the exploits of the first North-American lumberjacks, loggers and farmers.


“To the sound of violins and tapping feet, axes swing through the air and logs become props for numerous hand-to-hand and balancing acts, log- throwing contests and log driver games. This, in addition to daring axe juggling acts and acrobatic feats above the open blade of huge two man saws. Simply jaw-dropping”Le Devoir (Montreal)


“Flying axes, a cracking whip, rolling logs and line dancing, all in a festive, unifying circus atmosphere […] The stunning show is definitely worth the trip, if only to take a new look at our roots.” (Montreal)