Capitol Steps

Political Satire: Filibustin’ Washington’s Chops

  • Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 8:00 PM

The more things change in Washington, the more they stay the same — and Capitol Steps don’t mind! As the Steps themselves say, they got their start “When Regan was president and ketchup was a vegetable” and now they “have more albums than the Constitution has amendments.” There’s just no reason to slow down so long as so much material keeps rolling down the Hill! Try not to laugh too hard when they perform songs from their new album How To Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying, or the NSA might get suspicious.


“Those who complain that politicians and government are good for nothing are wrong. Capitol Steps … makes clear that more often than not, they’re good for a laugh.”The New York Times

“The talented troupe left no one in the political public arena unscathed and few in the enthusiastic crowd without at least one good guffaw.”Lincoln Journal Star