Become an Ambassador

Student Ambassadors

The Rialto Student Ambassadors at Georgia State University (RSA) seek to educate, entertain, and inspire the student body through the Rialto Center’s cultural arts programming by encouraging students to take advantage of the rich experiences and personal development opportunities that are available to them and to enhance student life at Georgia State University through student interest programs and event planning.

Some of the Rialto Student Ambassadors past events on campus include: tailgating events at home football games, GSU Idol, the International Thanksgiving Feast, Rialto Week at GSU, Amateur Night and many more!

During March and April of the current term, an application window shall open for interested members to apply to be a RSA. Public notice shall be given through student media, promotional materials, and the Rialto website. Once the designated window has closed, then no further applications shall be accepted. Should the number of ambassadors need to be increased at any time outside of the application window, another window can be re-opened by the advisor to add new ambassadors and public notice will be given.