Local schools partnership

Local Schools

“I was SUPER excited. This is the kind of work that changes lives!” Shawn N. Bender
Principal, Perkerson Elementary

“Thanks for helping bring artists to our school. My favorite thing was jazz for kids. When I grow up I want to be a singer… and win shiny prizes!” Alina Yamini, 3rd grade

“Thank you so much for helping bring artists to our school. When I grow up I want to be a dancer so I can be famous like you all!” Shaniya Thomas, 3rd grade

As funding for the Arts continues to decline in our public schools, the Rialto is filling this gap by bringing the arts directly to Atlanta’s elementary, middle and high schools with our free signature education outreach program, Rialto2Go. Visiting Rialto artists directly engage students through demonstrations, workshops, Master Classes and performances, followed by activities that reinforce the learning, creating a unique teaching environment in underserved communities that sparks a child’s quest for discovery through music and dance.  This in turn exposes not only the students, but also the teachers, faculty, staff and community to the arts in a very personal, exciting and interactive way.

  • Since 2005, the Rialto’s educational programs have reached more than 32,000 students.
  • Annually, over 3,000 Title 1, K-12 public school students participate in our educational activities.
  • Each year, approximately 90 professional Rialto visiting artists from throughout the world perform for and engage in programming with Title 1 public school students in Atlanta.
  • The Rialto collaborates with two public elementary schools, six public middle schools, and three public high schools annually to provide arts education.  There is currently a waiting list of schools requesting participation.
  • Our Education Outreach programs serve four counties in Metro Atlanta and beyond.
  • Each year more than 150 students engage in high-level training in music and dance through our free Master Classes provided by Rialto Series artists to advanced high school and university students.

Likewise, the Rialto’s Experience the Arts Program provides underserved young people and families free tickets to our Series shows. Through partnerships with public schools and community organizations, the Rialto identifies communities with little to no access to the Arts to ensure access to quality arts and educational programs, offering free or reduced-priced tickets to Series events, and free educational outreach to schools and communities.  Through workshops, lectures, demonstrations, bus trips to the Rialto Center, and provision of free or reduced-priced Series show tickets, the Rialto continues to open doors to cultural understanding through the arts.