Rialto Jazz for Kids Jazz Jam

Rialto Jazz for Kids Jazz Jam: lessons for life

Posted On May 10, 2013
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What a night!  Experiencing the future of jazz music was like glimpsing into a crystal ball.  The faces, representing every measurable demographic, will be the same faces on stages and in audiences for the next fifty to seventy-five years.  These 11 – 13 year old students are given an opportunity to experience a vibrant life fulfilled with music.  They not only learn to perform music, but how to listen to it and each other; including the discipline of perfection through give and take, when to be loud and when to be quiet.

As years pass, the trumpet may get pushed further to the back of their closets, but when Joe Gransden is in town, these individuals will be the first to buy a ticket.   Others may head straight for a Grammy because of their passion for music discovered at such a young age.  Regardless of the role music will play in their lives, the lessons learned will be used in the board room as frequently as they will in the band room.

If all the World played the music of life as compassionately as these middle schoolers, what a beautiful song we could be.  If we could learn to play our parts with excellence, lending our skill to the greater creation and timing our solos with the grace and generosity shown by these children, what a peaceful world we would live in.

Jazz for Kids middle school students from, Inman, J.C. Young, Ridgeview, Sandtown, Sequoyah, and Taylor Road participated in the 2013 Jazz Jam at the Rialto on Tuesday evening, May 7th.  Each school played 3 jazz selections complete with individual soloist popping up here and there.  The evening culminated in several songs by the combo big band Rialto Jazz for Kids All-Stars. This program is led by Dr. Gordon Vernick.