Music is life. Enjoy it!

Posted On March 27, 2012
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For Feufollet and Cedric Watson, the terms “preserving traditional music” and “taking the tradition forward” have been overused.  These musicians aren’t trying to impress anyone.  They play music because they hear it in their minds and need to release it through their instruments.  Cedric holds his fiddle like a cherished infant, because his arm would feel cold and bare without it.  Anna Laura sings, because she breathes.

Feufollet not only play music together, they play together with music. They tease, they nudge, and they rejoice when a band member shines.  Chris Segura was invited to play his fiddle at the “Fiddlers on the Bayou” program in Lafayette last October.  Anna Laura taught a group of enthusiastic tourists how to sing a Cajun song at Festivals Acadiens et Creoles.  (She was out that night at the Blue Moon Saloon in a French braid, pink polka dots, and green mud boots.)  They are comfortable in their own skin; they know who they are.

It’s been a joy to watch Cedric Watson blossom from a timid fiddler into an accomplished band leader.  His immersion into traditional (there’s that word again!) French language and music have infused him with confidence and a sense of belonging on any stage. He’s equally at ease playing a mournful ballad, a baisse bas, or Canray’s One Step.

When both bands come to the Rialto on March 31, I am looking forward to musical layering, playful bantering, and (fingers crossed!), a dance with Cedric after the show.  I know I’ll be smiling, rocking, and trying to inhale the music.  Friends will be dancing in front of the stage.  People new to this musical genre will wonder how they made it through life this far without it.

Music is life. Enjoy it!

Lisa Przepasniak

Talent Liaison

Atlanta Cajun Zydeco Association