Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Audience Review: Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Posted On March 19, 2012
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I’m so glad that I decided to go see Spanish Harlem Orchestra at the Rialto on Saturday. It truly was the highlight of my weekend. These guys are amazing and talented musicians that electrify the audience.

The orchestra features a powerful horn section that instantly lifts your spirits. There is no way to feel down while listening to such energetic music. The three vocalists seem to never run out of energy. They never stop dancing while belting out each song. The show has too much energy to stop for an intermission, so they don’t quit. The show went on for over two hours without a break, yet the time felt like it passed by so quickly.

With music this good, it is hard to remain seated. So I didn’t. Neither did most of the crowd. The front of the Rialto was packed with dancers during most of the songs. The audience proved to be quite talented itself. Many of the dancers were so impressive that they became an equally entertaining part of the show. Clearly good music brings out good dancers. That’s another good thing about the Rialto. Unlike many performing venues, the Rialto has ample space down front and along the sides to allow the audience to get out of their seats to dance and enjoy these great musical acts.

The show came to and end after several standing ovations, followed by a great encore. A wonderful show like this reminds me why I come to so many shows at the Rialto. I don’t attend just because I’m a GSU alumnus. I attend because the Rialto always has some of the best and most diverse music programming in Atlanta and I don’t want to miss any of it.

– Adam Shumaker