Music is life. Enjoy it!

Posted On March 27, 2012
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For Feufollet and Cedric Watson, the terms “preserving traditional music” and “taking the tradition forward” have been overused.  These musicians aren’t trying to impress anyone.  They play music because they hear it in their minds and need to release it through their instruments.  Cedric holds his fiddle like a cherished infant, because his arm would… more »

Reflections from the Flamenco Community

Posted On March 27, 2012
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Saturday’s show at the Rialto Center for the Arts brought me to appreciate even more, flamenco – a favorite of mine – as well as classical Indian music.   Anoushka Shankar and the artists on stage blended Indian and flamenco traditions seamlessly to create new sounds that opened me to new ideas about the art forms, myself,… more »

Anoushka’s Flamenco fusion; SiTAR’s best!

Posted On March 26, 2012
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With the Rialto’s Director Leslie Gordon extending a warm welcome to all the patrons and thanking the devout sponsors for their continued support, promptly followed by a special greeting presented by the Southeastern USA’s newly minted Consul General Ajit Kumar of India’s Republic, the anticipated “shock and awe” concert by global performer Anoushka Shankar was… more »

Audience Review: Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Posted On March 19, 2012
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I’m so glad that I decided to go see Spanish Harlem Orchestra at the Rialto on Saturday. It truly was the highlight of my weekend. These guys are amazing and talented musicians that electrify the audience.

The orchestra features a powerful horn section that instantly lifts your spirits. There is no way to feel down… more »